Ferrari 575 GTC. Now Sold.

Ferrari 575 GTC – F133M GT Chassis: 2210
Developed specifically for the FIA GT and GrandAm championships, the 575 GTC berlinetta features considerable modifications, starting with an increase in displacement from the production car's 5,748 cc to 5,997 cc with a slightly longer stroke. Specific cam timing and Marelli engine management with the FIA regulation 31.8mm restrictors see power increase to 600 bhp which, when matched by the longest gearing of the optional final drives available, ensures a theoretical top speed of 335 km/h (208 mph). The gearing for Monza allows an effective top speed of 288 km/h (179 mph) and that for Estoril 270 km/h (168 mph).   Front and rear track have both been increased while the car's dry weight has been drastically reduced to just over the minimum allowed weight of 1150 kg (2,530 lbs) thanks to the use of a specific tubular space frame chassis with composite body panels.   Lengthy wind tunnel testing has gone into developing the 575 GTC's aerodynamics and the car sports a flat underbody with rear diffuser to FIA/ACO regulations, and an adjustable front spoiler together with a split rear wing with Gurney flap. All-round double wishbone suspension features adjustable damping, and adjustable anti-roll bar and anti-dive geometry at the front. Braking is by courtesy of Brembo with 6-pot calipers at the front and 4-pot calipers at the rear.   The Ferrari Corse Clienti department has made changes to the original version with the collaboration of the technical GT head, Maurizio Nardon. The aerodynamics was completely revised with the addition of a new splitter and air intake on the modified bonnet. These changes improve internal airflow. The engine has been totally redesigned and, together with the new cooling tank, results in greater power and better handling. The current torque curve guarantees improved power management and the work on the steering column means that the new car is easier to point into curves and performs more smoothly when in them.   Chassis number 2210 is one of the 11 cars built by N Technology and was built as the “Works” car. Special options that separate 2210 from the other ten cars include an X Trac sequential transaxle and a bespoke carbon fibre safety box section attached to the driver’s side roll cage.   Factory driver Jaime Melo used 2210 in 2004 in one Spanish event. Subsequently the car was used by the factory to develop the evolution upgrades in conjuncture with N Technology in 2005. The Engine was built to Evo 6 specification, the last evolution, and has only a little demonstration usage time. Also the entire electronic systems were replaced and upgraded by Magneti Marelli. The car is truly Factory fresh and absolutely “on the button”.   The car will have a fully documented book from Ferrari illustrating the different phases of assembly with photos, history, and specification when the Factory makes it available. Sold complete with a comprehensive spares package. Now Sold.