1949 Jaguar Alluminium XK 120 OTS

Presenting one of the most original examples in existance of the pre production alluminium bodied Jaguar XK120 OTS. 

Chassis Number: 670069
Engine Number: W1102-8


The XK120 was launched in open two-seater or (US) roadster form at the 1948 London Motor Show as a testbed and show car for the new Jaguar XK engine. The display car was the first prototype, chassis number 670001. The roadster caused a sensation, which persuaded Jaguar founder and design boss William Lyons to put it into production.

Beginning in 1948, the first 242 cars wore wood-framed open 2-seater bodies with aluminium panels. Production switched to the heavier all-steel bodies in early 1950. The "120" in the name referred to the aluminium car's 120 mph top speed, which made it the world's fastest production car at the time of its launch. In 1949 the first production roadster, chassis number 670003, was delivered to Clark Gable.

Being the 69th XK120 built, this car is one of the rare ‘alloy’ bodied examples built in 1949 and was originally a silver. It was sent to Clayrich Motors, St Louis at the beginning of 1950 and was purchased by Lee Hunter who immediately sent it to his local Cadillac dealership to be painted the colour it wears today. Lee Hunter was an automotive engineer and founded Hunter Engineering which is still in operation. 

In 1954 the car passed to Fred Evans who ran a Ford dealership close to Lee Hunter. Fred owned a piece of land next to Hunter Farms which Lee wanted to buy and the deal was struck on the condition the XK120 was part of the land deal. Lee did not want to sell the car, and as such the car is the only vehicle owned by Lee which is not currently present in the Hunter collection of automobiles.

In 1960 the car was sold to Robert Heuermann for $2500. ‘Bob’ raced the car in over 100 night-time ‘checkpoint’ rallies sanctioned by the SCCA which took place throughout the Ozarks. Bob and his navigator won over half of the races they entered collecting many badges and trophies with the car.

The car was sold to Peter Zobian in August 1968 after he saw it sitting underneath an Apple tree outside Bob’s home. Peter is well known car collector and automobilia trader as well as a leading expert on ‘etceterini’ cars. Peter displayed the car in 2011 at the Quail motorsport gathering and kept the car until July 2012. Peter sold the car after 44 years of ownership.

This is an unrestored car in perfect running order. In 2014 the engine was rebuilt and some of the interior leatherwork was repaired using careful preservation techniques allowing the car to remain one of the most original examples in existence. Complete with original tools and litereature. 

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