Meet The Team

Melvin Glanz
Melvin Glanz (Director)
History with Classics: Many years ago I rebuilt a very tired and unloved 365 GTC/4 alongside friend and well known Ferrari restorer Francois Sicard in the USA. After many years of enjoying both the GTC/4 Boxer I decided to move onto Jaguars.


Daniel Glanz
Daniel Glanz. Director

I remember watching Gilles Villeneuve at Brands Hatch in 1976 on telly and there was something that stayed with me. Several years later Dad brought me along to see the real thing, the 1979 US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. Even then, it was total access. I remember seeing the entire Ferrari team eating spaghetti at a long table in the garage next to the cars. The noise, smell and the gladiatorial atmosphere set in the forest hills of upstate New York was enough to hook me. Raised as a child in the Isle of Man, I also love the bikes.



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